Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This week's cool shows: The Jesus Lizard and Troika

That's essentially it for this week: The Jesus Lizard Thursday at Cat's Cradle and Troika Thursday through Saturday at venues throughout Durham. I know there are other shows going on, and with apologies to the bands and venues, none of them comes close to The Jesus Lizard and Troika. (Check out the interview I did with David Wm. Sims of The Jesus Lizard for New Raleigh)

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact The Jesus Lizard has on Troika's Thursday shows. I kind of suspect that most people going to see The Jesus Lizard are kind of like me: 40-somethings who remember what an amazing show they put on back in the day. That leaves all the young hipsters to hang out in Durham that night. I know I'm actually going to try and catch the free Megafaun show at Durham Central Park before heading over to Cat's Cradle that night. But if I wasn't going to Carrboro, I would definitely stick around for Pink Flag, The Moaners and Max Indian.

On Friday I will absolutely be there for Pipe (note to Christina - really and truly this time). I'm tempted to just stay at Broad Street all night and also catch Dirty Little Heaters and Whatever Brains, but I will probably also try to catch part of The Pneurotics at Duke Coffeehouse. On Saturday I'm looking forward to Sea Cow, The Dynamite Brothers (pictured) and The Love Language. Also check out Adam's planned Troika itinerary here.

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