Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This week's cook shows: Drug Horse Cartel showcase and more!

I'm really not exactly sure what Drug Horse Cartel  Drughose Collective is(UPDATE: see below). Triangle Music referred to it as a collective, so I'll go with that. Whatever it is, it includes a lot of really great bands currently playing in this area including Mount Moriah (left), Max Indian, and the Love Language, all of whom will be playing the Drug Horse Cartel showcase this Friday at Local 506, which is easily the show of the week.

Other notable shows this week include Hammer No More the Fingers at Tir Na Nog on Thursday, Caltrop with Hog at Dive Bar, and Benji Hughes at Local 506, both on Saturday, and The Cartridge Family with Goner's Scott Phillips at Sadlack's on Sunday.

And in case I don't manage to update this blog in time, next week's show of the week is the Trekky Yuletide Christmas  show next Tuesday at Cat's Cradle. Whatever Brains and Des Ark are among the bands scheduled for that show.

UPDATE: Thanks to James Wallace (Mount Moriah, Max Indian) for responding to my question about what "Drug Horse Cartel" is.

hey Karen, the Cartel thing was a mistake.  we are called the
Drughorse Collective.  one less drug reference i guess.  We are a big
group of friends that play in a number of groups the entire list is
the same as the bill for the 506 show.  We all help each other record
at our home studios and play together as much as possible.  We started
calling it a collective because we all truly love each other's music
and wanted to help put the word out as hard as we can.  It really
began because of the home studios and the albums that all took shape
at the same time and with a shared lo-fi aesthetic.  Jeff Crawford's
first record, Something for Everyone was recorded at his house and
Carter Gaj and i played on it and helped record it.  Around the same
time Carter and I began work on the Max Indian record at my house and
we met Stu Mclamb who was recording the first Love Language record.
Josh Pope and Tom Simpson were also recording The Light Pine
album(bassist and drummer for The Love Language) and we all met and
bonded over our shared diy visions.   Hope that helps!

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