Friday, February 05, 2010

CCL and Filthybird at the Haiti Relief Benefit

Last night I finally saw two bands that I should have seen a long time ago. That's especially true in the case of Chatham County Line, who are now so big that it's difficult to hear their acoustic bluegrass music because their significant crowd drowns them out. Check out the video. You can mostly hear it, but you can also hear a lot of talking and singing by their fans.

Chatham County Line from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Filthybird, whom I've been raving about for a couple of years now, was next, but because they had so much to set up on stage, CCL just went out into the audience and played a short set while we waited.

Unfortunately for the band, and for us, they couldn't find the AC cord for Renee Mendoza's keyboard, so they just played three songs -- I guess the three where she only plays guitar. Anyway, it was a serious let down. Liked the little I heard, and would love to see them again.

Another bit of weirdness from the night that has nothing to do with the bands or the music: I just started using Foursquare. Honestly, I wasn't that excited about it, but since part of my actual job involves social media, I thought I'd familiarize myself with it. Despite the fact that I blog and tweet, and do kind of put myself out there, I like to maintain a little bit of privacy for my personal life. Imagine my surprise when my friend, with whom I walked into the Pour House, and who is also on Foursquare, looked at his phone and said, "Foursquare just reported that we checked in here together." Now, I know that Foursquare is basically a GPS tracker, but that really weirded me out. Not sure I'll be using it that much anymore.

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