Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let's hope Spider Bags' next release is a live album

... because even though their recorded output is good, it pales in comparison to their live show. On record they're restrained, and tend to let their alt-country influences take over. Live they're a raw, bluesy garage rock tornado, whooping and hollerin' and rolling on the ground. If you like The Loners or The Trousers (and I love both), you will totally dig Spider Bags.

Here's video from last night's Double Barrel benefit at the Pour House. And check out my other photos from the show here.

Spider Bags - "Teenage Eyes" and "Que viva el Rocanroll" from Mann's World on Vimeo.

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Nordy said...

Spider Bags were incredible. They're easily my favorite Triangle band.

And I agree with you, Spider Bags need more of that live show energy on their (still-excellent) records.

When it comes to live shows, my better half prefers high energy, punk/garage. Having listened to the albums, she was not very excited to go see Spider Bags last night. Having witnessed the live show, she's glad I convinced her to go. They kicked ass.