Monday, March 15, 2010

IWDT $100

If you remember my January post about IWTDI's U2 covers set, I offered John $100 if he would cut his hair into a genuine Bono-mullet for their St. Patrick's Day show this Wednesday at Tir na Nog. Word from the band is that it's really going to happen. And if the band's twitter feed offers a clue (check the part about "frosting"), it looks like he's going for the '83 era 'do. In which case my second offer still stands to buy him a beer if he wears a black sleeveless Western shirt.

While I'm not looking forward to forking over the cash, I AM looking to seeing the band play this Wednesday, cause I bet that mullet will have John channeling Bono like never before.

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Jake Seaton said...

This is incredible!