Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Five questions with Will from Trekky Records! plus more great shows this week

Do you really need me to tell you why this Saturday's TRK Fest at Piedmont Biofuels in Pittsboro is the show of the week? OK, here are a few reasons:

* A full day of bands, including Megafaun, Mount Moriah and Ryan Gustafson.
* Awesome food vendors including Only Burger (yours truly hasn't tried them, but I see at least one Facebook update a day from one of their many rapturous fans)
* A chance for those of you who are upset over the oil spill to tour Piedmont Biofuels and learn how to be less dependent on fossil fuels
* Pants-off Dance-off.

Thanks to Trekky Records co-owner Will Hackney who answered five questions for me before the show. And here's the answer to the bonus sixth question: Camping isn't technically DIS-allowed, but it's also not encouraged.

1. How did Trekky Records end up in a partnership with Piedmont Biofuels for TRK Fest?

When we were developing the idea for TRKfest, we knew we wanted the venue to be somewhere slightly strange, where you wouldn't generally see a show. Our friends in Phosphorescent and Castanets had just played an impromptu show at Piedmont Biofuels, and that planted the idea in our heads. We went down to meet with them about it and they were very excited and supportive. We also really respect the work that Piedmont Biofuels and The Abundance Foundation do in the worlds of alternative fuels, sustainability and local food.

2. Please explain the Pants-off Dance-off.

The Pants-off Dance Off is a highly competitive, but extremely inclusive dance competition in which I play Outkast and people dance as hard as they can. It happens after the sun goes down, so its a nice, cathartic break from watching music all day in the sun. Its pretty amazing to watch a few hundred people groove really hard in front of a biodiesel processing facility. The winning team of the Pants-off Dance Off is awarded with the Trekky Records Catalog and, more importantly, much valued bragging rights for the year. Also, it should be noted, pants are not required to be off, but it may help participants score some points with the judges.

3. I've never had an Only Burger. What's so great about them?

I'm a vegetarian, so I've only had the veggie burger and the fries (which are delicious). But I'm pretty sure they use local meat, which I'm in support of. The best thing about OnlyBurger is they show up right when you need them. I was at the This Machine Kills Cancer benefit in Durham last night, and I had just performed and I was tired and famished. Then, as if they sensed my hunger, OnlyBurger drove up and made me some french fries. Magic! We're really thrilled to have those guys coming down for TRKfest, because it means people can really hang out all day and not have to leave for food. Lunch and dinner will only be a few steps away.

4. Is "Trekky" a reference to Star Trek, and if so, which do you prefer: The original Star Trek or Star Trek the Next Generation.

I actually have never seen an episode of Star Trek or the movie or anything. All I know is that the guy from Reading Rainbow was on it? The genesis of the label name comes from the fact that Martin Anderson, who founded the label, was in a punk band called Doctor Spock, which was actually a reference to the baby doctor. But everyone thought it was a Star Trek reference, so he jokingly called his label Trekky Records. This was when Martin was 12 years old, so we don't hold it against him.

(Karen's note: I'm flabbergasted that Will's never seen Star Trek, but then again I have a friend who has never seen Star Wars, so I guess it's not that crazy after all)

5. What's the one book you can't live without?

I just re-read The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner, so right now I'd say that one. The great thing about that book is it is so dense and complex that you can read it a dozen times and still get new things out of it. I have a new revelation about the characters with every re-visit. Faulkner's my man.

Also this week: The Bowerbirds play an early show Wednesday at Duke Gardens; Embarrassing Fruits with Yardwork and Whatever Brains for Local Band Local Beer, Thursday at Tir na Nog; Tonk at Goldbug Studios, also Thursday; Invisible Hand with Naked Gods Saturday at Slim's; Caltrop, Black Skies and Hog Sunday at Local 506; and Asheville's Town Mountain, with an early (7:30 p.m.) show Sunday at Tyler's Tap Room.

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