Thursday, June 10, 2010

This week's cool shows: Rebus Fest, Love Language opens for Phoenix and more!

By now you've probably heard the big news that The Love Language will open two dates for Phoenix, including the big Koka Booth show tomorrow night in Cary. You probably won't see me at this show. While I'm mildly curious about Phoenix, I'm not $32.50 worth of curious. If someone can find me a couple of $10 tickets, I'm there. But I do congratulate LL on securing this spot. I have a feeling they'll be headlining that place before long.

(Photo of Stu, above, by Jason Arthurs)

And just to get you in the mood for this show, here's an .mp3 from the band's soon-to-be released "Libraries" CD on Merge.

"Heart to Tell" by the Love Language

Of course the other big show of the week is the fourth annual Rebus Fest, happening from noon-6 p.m., Sunday at Rebus Works in Boylan Heights. There's a lot going on that day, so I asked Rebus Works owner Shonna Greenwell to tell us about it with 5 Questions.

1. What can we expect to see, hear and taste at this year's fest?

We have more vendors than ever this year, including both new and returning artists that will be selling a wide range of handmade items. We hope that attendees support these artists setup outside, and that each artist has a successful day, good enough to ensure their return next year. Without these artists, there would be no RebusFest!

To highlight a few of the vendors, we have Edge Barnes who integrates horse hair and bird feathers into his ceramics, Matt Butler is bringing his linocuts, and Caitlin Cary will have her collection of great baby clothes. Many of the artists have images that are on the web page that Sarah Blackmon put together for the event.  

We also have DJ Yes! sputnik this year starting us off for the first hour. He specializes in indie, electro, disco, funk and new wave. He will be filling in between sets as well. The first band is Pecosa (formally Tin Star) from Durham. They have a female singer whose voice is soft and ethereal. Second is Starmount with their atmospheric instrumentals that make any moment seem dreamy. Third is the The Small Ponds, which features the great songwriting duo of Caitlin Cary and Matt Douglas. Forth and going in the opposite direction is Torpor who describe themselves as grunge, thrash and crunk. The show will close with  Natural Science  (formally Heavy Pets) with the recent addition of a keyboard.

I'm very excited about the food choices this year.  Only Burger has been coming to Raleigh on First Fridays, (setting up outside of Rebus Works) and I've tried one of everything they offer, and it's all delicious!  They use "happy meat", a local butcher, a local baker and serve handmade french fries and veggie patties.  I can't say enough good things about this company. 

This will be the debut for Fired Flour at Rebus Works and they will be offering 10"  wood fired foods from $6 to $8. They do not currently have a website, but you can view a PDF about them on the RebusFest page.
Then finish off your meal with a tasty Locopop or baked goods from Crumb.  YUM!

And, of course, there will be plenty to drink from Carolina Brewing Company!

2. Why was it important for Rebus to sponsor a festival like this?

The idea for RebusFest grew from an artist lecture that was held at Rebus.  We (Sarah and I) were complaining about the lack of recognition and celebration that was happening in Raleigh at the time for both artist and musicians.  Basically the artist said "stop complaining and do something about it". That's exactly what we did, with the help of family and friends we pulled off the first RebusFest with only one month's worth of planning. We had also been advised that we should offer some type of food for day-long event. This has always been the most difficult part of planning but I really think this year we scored on the food choices. Overall, it is important for Rebus to sponsor this festival because we can. We have the space, the resources (artist and musicians) and it falls into our mission statement to promote community events. It all really boils down to bringing the community together and making something positive happen in Raleigh. I think from the time we started RebusFest to now (four years later!) there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the recognition of local talent.  

3. What's your favorite Locopop flavor?
I love all Locopops!  But if had to pick one I would go for the Mexican Chocolate, for the cream flavor, and Mojito for the sorbet.  

4. Tell us about the show up in the gallery now, "Life is Rich and Full" by Luke Miller Buchanan.
Having Luke Buchanan work up for RebusFest 4 is perfect.  His theme for "Life is Rich and Full" is all Raleigh-based imagery with layers and layers of content.  This is by far his best body of work to date and I believe this is just the start for Luke.  He is one of those artist who is interested in becoming better by doing.  

5. Any chance Rebus Fest will expand and become a larger festival?
This year's festival is larger. We have over 30 artist who will be set up outside, more food and music. I can not imagine being larger, I already ask Sarah Blackmon (the gallery manager and graphic designer for Rebus) to do way too much.  Sometime small is good, it's rare but it has it's place. 

And if the food choices aren't enough for you, the rumored Landmark-Two T's joint party is happening this Sunday evening with a fish fry on the patio of the Landmark. You should go ahead and ask for Monday off now.

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