Monday, July 19, 2010

5 questions with The Butchies! Plus more shows you need to see

After a five-year break, Durham's legendary Queercore innovators The Butchies are reuniting this Wednesday at Cat's Cradle. The occasion? Front woman Kaia Wilson (above right; bass player Alison Martlew is left and drummer Melissa York is center) has become a ping pong goddess, and has been selected to represent the U.S. in ping pong in the upcoming Gay Games in Germany! In fact, Kaia will demonstrate her ping pong prowess at the show. Pink Flag and Tami Hart will open, and The Cuntry Kings will make an appearance too.

Alison, Melissa and Kaia all answered five questions for Mann's World.

1. Does Kaia have any ping pong moves like THIS?

Melissa: It's possible but maybe more Forrest Gump? She will tell you all about her moves or can show you if you get to the show at doors and challenge her to a game of ping pong. There will be a table at Cat's Cradle.

Alison:I don't know yet, but I am excited to find out.  It is pretty amazing to know someone who is a great musician, and on top of that becomes competitive in a sport!

Kaia: well i most certainly do....  (action begins around 2 min. in!)
AND for more videos like these and to read about my table tennis adventures:

2. What's it like playing together again after five years? Is this a one-time deal or are you reuniting for good?

Melissa: Personally... I am so excited! It's gonna be fun. We are going to practice at my house like old times. I'm sure a lot of silly memories will come flooding back. It was initially a one time deal (or 2 times) but who knows. After announcing that we were doing the show at Cat's Cradle (7/21) a lot of people have started to say that they want to book us here or there. It feels super good and people have been so super sweet about the reunion. Can't wait.

Alison: I think that we will do more shows.  As far as reuniting, I don't think it will be like it was before, but it will be super fun!  I am looking forward to playing with those crazy ladies!

Kaia: It's been INCREDIBLE, well, except we haven't played together yet, i do pretend that Al and Mel are in my room when i'm practicing, but the reality is i'm still in portland - until next week! but i expect that when we do play together soon, we'll be at each others throats! it'll be madness and chaos and pure musical melodrama!

Definitely more shows for the Butchies in the future!!!! more re-unions!!! i'm sure of it!

3. Wikipedia quotes a 2003 Toronto Now story that calls you "queercore crusaders". How are you still crusading? And are there any young bands/artists that are taking up the crusade?

Melissa: Well... firstly it's so awesome that that was said about us. That that's how we are seen... as 'crusaders'. I'm just living my life with the good old gay motto 'Silence = Death' so if that makes me a queercore crusader then... cool. It's really that simple. The Butchies were never about silencing ourselves or any other queer voice. Life is too short to not love the person you are... queer or otherwise. So we embraced that and we still live that way everyday either working a 9-5 or playing in the Butchies.

Alison: That is an awesome quote!  I think that being out and living your life in a transparent way is being a queer crusader, and there are a lot of people coming out and making a difference in their communities.

Kaia: for me and my "queercore crusading" it's sort of a little more like "queerpong crusader" these days, I am dreadfully dedicated to table tennis!! I'm still writing songs about girls and cats, which is essentially the definition of "queercore" in my book!

yes there are people carrying the torch, in so many ways, and they are everywhere! we are everywhere!  Like Meredith Baxter!! even though she's not a musician, she's a queercore crusader to me!! where would we be baby without us!!

4. What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's 90-day sentence? Was it fair?

Melissa: Tough question and I have no idea. From what the media tells/shows us... she's a mess. I feel for her. She's got a lot of things stacked against her. Lousy parents, grew up way too quickly and within that is completely stunted. Then on the other side she could be seen as a privileged lil brat and if she wasn't famous she could be in jail for a lot longer than 90 days. But again I have no idea! All I know is that when I see a train wreck I feel for sad for said train wreck.

Alison: I have no idea whether her sentence was fair or not, but it does seem as though she has been a real mess for a while. Maybe it will give her a chance to think about what she is doing. That or she will come out crazy like Britney is now!

Kaia: Because i am a partial ludite, i actually don't know anything about this, sorry!!! i found out that Spain won the World Cup though! so i'm not "totally out of the loop"!

5. Will Mr. Lady start releasing records again?

Melissa: Kaia ran that label with her ex-partner, Tammy Rae Carland. I don't think so but never say never. But she can answer that better.

Alison: No idea. Kaia would be the one to answer that!

Kaia: maybe!!! I might try to bring the label back in a very small scale manner, not full functioning record label but maybe more digital/interweb, since i'm a ludite i should be GREAT at that!!!

Also happening this week: Max Indian at Duke Gardens, also on Wednesday. This is an early show, so you can catch it, then head over to the Cradle to see The Butchies. On Thursday, Midtown Dickens and Kid Future are at Tir na Nog, while  Tom Maxwell is next door at The Pour House. On Friday, author Dan Epstein reads from his book, Big Hair and Plastic Grass, at Slim's; The Infamous Sugar, The Oscar Gambles and The Royal Nites will be on hand for a post-reading celebration. Finally, Bats & Mice, Monsonia, Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout will be at Local 506 on Sunday.

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