Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monotonix's last tour??

That's what Monotonix singer Ami Shelev says in this article (thanks to Robby for alerting me to this). Guitarist Yonatan Gat didn't mention that when he answered five questions for this interview. 

Their PR guy girl, Dean, forwarded this statement when asked about it:

Reports that they are breaking up are a little exaggerated. What's really going down is Haggai, the drummer, has a kid on the way, and Ami wants to spend some more time with his family, so this will be their final tour for a while, but they are not looking at it as the end of the band or touring for good. Just an extended break to focus on the other parts of their lives. 

Whether or not it's their last tour, you need to be at Kings this Thursday night for the band's show with Federation X and Pujol. And you need to pick up their new album, "Not Yet," which came out last week on Drag City.  

Monotonix - "Give Me More"

1. You guys have such a crazy live show. How do you bring that energy into the studio when you're recording?
We just try to play it the same way.
On this record we were much more about being spontaneous than about getting the takes right. We felt we have nothing to prove ourselves anymore and just wanted to have fun recording it. That made the work easier and more fun and spontaneous than anything else we ever did, and I think you can hear it.

2. Now that the zodiac signs have all changed, what are the new signs for each band member, and how do you feel about them? Are any of you now an Ophiuchus?

I am now officially a Leo. That Virgo thing never sat right in my head.
It's funny the whole "zodiac change" thing got all blown out, astronomers have known all about that for years.

3. What's the worst injury you've ever sustained during a live show?

I got a steel trash can thrown on my head and it was burst open in Athens, GA. Blood was dripping from my hair to my face.
When the same trash can hit Ami, he smeared his own blood on my chin, so my face was full of blood. It was a gay bar full of mirrors. I looked like Freddie Kruger.

4. The band has actually played in Raleigh quite a bit. What do you like about Raleigh, and how does the music scene here compare to that back home in Israel?

I like Raleigh bands. Birds of Avalon are good friends of ours, and I saw a few other good bands from the area.
Raleigh is a personal favorite of mine, I always enjoy the people and how nice and quiet the city is. Maybe i'll move there one day.

5. What's your favorite song on the new album, and why?

It changes every time I have to listen to it. Maybe "Everything That I See" cuz it's fast and fun. I like the fact the song starts with Ami singing "I wanna get everything that I see". It kind of reminds me of a Monk's song.

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