Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New music! Mark Holland, The Spiveys and more!

Mark Holland, along with twin brother Michael, is probably best known as one of the creative forces behind Jennyanykind. But he also releases music under his own name, and also as Jule Brown. Holland's most recent release is "The Best Country Blues of Mark Holland," which is pretty much as the name says: acoustic country blues at its best. Hear the menacing "Go Rider," and the rest of the album, on Mark's Bandcamp page. He'll be at the Station in Carrboro on Jan. 26, and The Blue Note Grill in Durham on Feb. 15. Mark is also recording a Jule Brown record now -- the first since 2008's Surreal Folk Blues.

The Spiveys, from Charlotte, haven't been together very long, but they already sound incredibly polished, with charming pop hooks and lush vocal harmonies. They're also looking for a show in the area, so someone out there (Mark Conner? Chris Tamplin?) needs to book them. Check out their songs, especially "Lavender."

Sea Cow's "Tell Me Where It Hurts," has been out since early November, but I'm just now getting around to hearing it. I love the vocals on the vaguely psychedelic "Laughing All the Way." Check it out here. 

Finally, continuing with tonight's theme of pretty vocals, Russell Howard, also from Charlotte, released his first single, "Safe to Say," in November.

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