Monday, January 16, 2012

Photos of O C O A I and Generation of Vipers

Here are some photos of Johnson City's O C O A I (above), and photos and video of Generation of Vipers (below) from Friday at Dive Bar. O C O A I was as compelling (and loud) as when I saw them back in the summer. Unfortunately I couldn't get in a good position to record them, so I just stuck with still photography for their show.

Generation of Vipers shares a member with O C O A I and two members with U.S. Christmas, but is a lot sludgier than either band. I wasn't really in a good position to record them either, but since I'd never seen them before I went for it anyway. The kind of caught me off guard with the beginning of the song, though! Looking forward to seeing both bands again. See more photos.

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