Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photos and video of Salvacion, plus photos of Red Warlock and Pontiak

(Salvacion - from Wilmington)

Last Thursday was one of those nights where I go out intending to see one band, and end up catching something else entirely. I was all prepared to spend the majority of my evening at Kings seeing Pontiak -- and I did spend a good bit of time there. But before heading over, I went to Slim's, and was totally blown away by Salvacion, a raucous dual-guitar classic metal band from Wilmington. I'd listened to their stuff before and liked it, but I was completely won over by their live show. They ended up being my favorite band of the evening. Looking forward to seeing them again.


I didn't get much, photo-wise, from the Pontiak show, but they were good and heavy, and sounded great. Midway through their set, I headed back to Slim's to see Red Warlock, an epic, dark metal band from Italy. See more photos.

(Red Warlock)

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