Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inter Arma at the Soapbox

 (Inter Arma)

I've been needing to see Inter Arma again. I've been enjoying their last release, "Destroyer," and looking forward to hearing the new stuff they've recorded for Relapse.

Also, I've been wanting to get out of Raleigh more. I've been living in this town for 18 years. The only other place I've lived that long was my hometown, Morehead City. Even though I occasionally get the urge to move back home, I don't think I could seriously live in a place where I'd have to drive at least two hours to see great music on a regular basis. I'd prefer to move to Asheville, but job and family concerns are keeping me closer to the coast, so I thought I'd check out Wilmington. What better way to accomplish two things at once (seeing Inter Arma and checking out Wilmington) than going to the No Turning Back Fest last weekend at the Soapbox.

(Mortal Man)

I can't say I learned a lot about Wilmington from just being there a few hours, but I do like the Soapbox. Inter Arma sounded great, despite playing for a small-ish crowd. Somehow the singer cut himself on the forehead during the set, which looked pretty freaky. I also got to see the awesomely doomy Mortal Man (from Wilmington) and crazy, female-led Raleigh punks Last Words.

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