Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cvlt Nation also streaming Greensboro's Mourning Cloak

I admit to knowing nothing about this band until today -- despite the fact that they're from Greensboro. But once I saw the Cvlt Nation post, and saw where they're from, I decided to check out Mourning Cloak. The entire "No Visible Light" EP is streaming now, and it's, good crushing stuff. Check it out here. It'll be released on cassette on Headfirst! Records next month. Hoping they'll play Raleigh soon.


riveraXVX said...

Hey karen, thanks for posting this up! Mourning Cloak guys are out as of today and will be playing in Raleigh at the Maywood August 19th

Karen A. Mann said...

No problem! Going to see them tonight in Chapel Hill and will post the photos tomorrow!