Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Photos of KEN Mode, Inter Arma and Hog

(KEN Mode)

(Inter Arma)


This one's going to be quick. KEN Mode, Inter Arma and Hog played Local 506 this past Saturday night (Aug. 3). All three bands were great, most especially Inter Arma, who put on the best show I've seen by them this year. I know I saw that every time I see them, but each show really is better than the last. I had been on the fence about going to Hopscotch, but now I might get a ticket just to see them on Saturday at the Lincoln Theatre. 

I hadn't seen Hog in quite some time. Their set seemed completely new to me. Their guitarist, Alec Ferrell, told me they have a record done, and are now just figuring out how to release it. I'm looking forward to hearing it. See more photos

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