Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Music: New Light Choir

Nearly two years in the making, "Volume II" by Raleigh duo New Light Choir just might be the most surprising and difficult to categorize release of the year. Right now it's a studio-only project, the brainchild of guitarist/singer John Niffenegger and drummer Chris Dalton (Goner), two guys who are true music geeks (that's a compliment) and whose musical tastes are extremely varied. Chris in particular is a devoted Carcass fanatic whose favorite album is Kate Bush's "The Hounds of Love." Musically New Light Choir leans a little more toward NWOBHM and early Scorpions, with some blackened touches here and there. Vocally, John sings desperate, gloomy lyrics in a pure, clean voice. The band has been compared to early Rush multiple times. I think they can also be compared to a slightly poppier Dawnbringer. "Volume II" was released in August on Germany's High Roller Records, and they've received a lot of good press from Europe. I'm curious to see if they do flesh out the band and actually start playing live! Check out their Bandcamp here. Standout tracks are "Violet Skies (From the Ashes)," "July Sky" and "December Flying."

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