Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Check out Citified

Photo courtesy of Mich Diaz, 2008

In case you didn't realize it, shoegazer rock is alive and well in Greensboro, in the guise of the band Citified. I've been listening to their beautiful, jangly, lush sophomore release, "The Meeting After the Meeting," which is out now on Eskimo Kiss Records. I have not seen this band live, and it looks like they don't have any upcoming Triangle dates (they're at the Flatiron in Greensboro on Feb. 22.). But I have enjoyed this CD, which channels The Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen at times, but really reminds me of a couple of bands I'd forgotten how much I loved: Ride and The Stone Roses.

Download KL Gala from Citified here


gisou said...

What a fantastic record. Especially in the slow wintertime, when I am longing to get out and far away. I'm such a sucker for all the Citified (and Lookwell) songs, too!

Anonymous said...

Kim from eskimo kiss here - I'm glad you like the record! you should really try to see them live too, they stick close to the record but a little more rock, and they are such sweet guys too :)

gisou said...

Sweet and rockin. That's how I like it. Can't wait to see them in Richmond in April! (?)