Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cool shows for this week!

(Ben Davis & the Jets -- The Club is Open Festival)

Thursday, July 10: The Aggressive Pedestrians with Project 27 and Whoa ... an Ellipsis, The Pour House
Full disclosure here: My co-worker, Jason Arthurs, is the bass player for Whoa ... an Ellipsis. According to him, The Aggressive Pedestrians are a group of teens from Raleigh who play thrash and hardcore. Project 27 is a pop-punk band from New York.

Friday, July 11: Grass Widow with Pinche Gringo from Mexico City and Barberries from Atlanta, Slim's
NOTE: Pinche Gringo and The Barberries will be at Reservoir in Carrboro on Saturday, July 12

Friday, July 11: Blag'ard, Caltrop and Black Skies, Blag'ard Mansion
Here's the note sent out by Blag'ard on Myspace:
11th july = party at my house with black skies / caltrop / blag'ard.
party starts 5pm first band by 6:30.
look for the sign that says "football camp" across from southern village.
"bobcat" our 14 song debut available at the party for $10.
fish oil is good for your skin.
everyone will be driving street legal golf carts soon.
try giving somebody the finger in traffic from one of those.
consumerism will kill cool before you turn 40. get used to the idea of living in the woods. you only live once. then "you" are "dead". we have decided this is "sad".
free will and predestination are the same thing. animals gave up speaking because humans started doing it and it wasn't cool anymore.

Friday, July 11: Regina Hexaphone, Sadlack's -- also at The Cave on July 12
Check out the video from last year.

Friday, July 11: A Rooster for the Masses, Pour House
ARFTM's awesome Danish guitarist is, sadly, moving back to Denmark. Check them out before he goes.

Friday, July 11: The Club is Open Festival with Kerbloki and Hammer No More the Fingers, Local 506

Saturday and Sunday July 12 & 13: The Club is Open Festival, Cat's Cradle
Friday: Roman Candle, Red Collar, Future Kings of Nowhere, Lud and American Aquarium.
Saturday: Ben Davis and the Jets, I Was Totally Destroying It, Animal Music, Shakermaker, Salvo Hunter

Saturday, July 12: The T's, Moore Square
Raleigh Downtown Live has been, for the most part, bringing some pretty crappy bands to Raleigh. But they make up for it by having awesome local bands open up. This week's show features Tantric and Altarbridge, but The T's will be playing from 6 to 7 p.m.

Sunday, July 13: Neu Romance, Alibi
Long-standing dance party moves to its new spot.


Wednesday, July 16: Future Kings of Nowhere, Slim's
Let's see how Durham's semi-acoustic, angsty punk-pop Kings go over at the home of jaded Raleigh rawk.

Wednesday, July 16: Nomo with Polynya, Local 506
I don't know anything about Nomo, but Polynya put out an amazing pop album this year. Here's what I had to say about it, along with an .mp3.

Thursday, July 17: Dirty Little Heaters, Tir na nOg

Part of the Local Band, Local Beer series. Free!

Friday, July 18: Caltrop CD-release party with The Curtains of Night, Local 506

Amazing heavy band from Chapel Hill. Check out the videos here and here.

Friday, July 18: Dropsonic, Slim's
If you missed their May show, you owe it to yourself to see this one. Here's the video I got of them back then.

Saturday, July 19: The Cartridge Family with Kennebec, Pour House

The Cartridge Family always rocks. Kennebec doesn't play as often as they should, so you should check them out.

Tuesday, July 22: Colossus, Reservoir
Old-school NWOBHM-style metal from Raleigh. Check out the video.


July 26: Avett Brothers, Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary


Old 97s at Moore Square, Raleigh FREE!

This unfortunate bit of scheduling pits two bands with similar audiences against each other in different cities on the same day. Old 97s have the advantage of being free and within stumbling distance of several bars. And, the Connells, Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls, and The Poonhounds all open. But the Avett Brothers really could not be hotter right now, and this will be a couple of days after the release of their new CD. Avett Brothers start at 7 p.m. with an opener, and Old 97s start at 9:30, so theoretically you might be able to catch most of both.

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