Saturday, July 19, 2008

The power of a REALLY angry woman

Gentlemen, I would advise you never to get on Reese McHenry's bad side. To do so will basically invite her to basically tear you a new one in song. The last time I saw The Dirty Little Heaters, it was McHenry on vocals and guitar, and another woman on drums -- and that was during a Carolina Rollergirls bout back when they still were at the roller rink.

Now the band is a three piece with Rob Walsh of the Spinns on bass and Dave Perry of Jett Rink on drums. The beefed up sound really works to support McHenry's powerful voice. Imagine if PJ Harvey -- at her most pissed off -- sang like Janis Joplin and fronted The Donnas. When McHenry screams out "don't tell me to fucking chill!" I imagine the object of her rage holding onto a chair for dear life and saying, "OK baby, I'm wrong! For whatever it was I did, I'm wrong!"

Here are a couple of videos from their show Thursday at Tir na Nog. The second one was actually the first song of the set. I tried to be lazy and just lean against the stone wall, but too many people started standing in front of me, so I ended up moving -- while still shooting -- to the front of the stage. They'll be at Slim's on Aug. 10 with Suburban Sweethearts.

Dirty Little Heaters from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Dirty Little Heaters from Mann's World on Vimeo.

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The Virgo 9 said...

Constant inspiration, that McHenry!

Glad I found your blog too!