Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday Night Fever!

NOTE: High res version is here, but it will take about 30 minutes to download.

Move over Dancing Tony! A new Twinkle Toes is in town to run everyone off the dance floor with his crazy-ass moves.

Last night's Cartridge Family show at the Pour House, which was fine in its own right, was made one thousand and fifty times better by the appearance Dancing Duncan, whose interpretive dirty dancing had everyone whipping out their cell phone cams and looking at each other like "WTF?" The look on Greg Rice's face as he struggled to keep singing while being forced to view the crazed rug-cutting before him was priceless. Toward the end of the video, which unfortunately isn't as clear as I would have likes, Jenn and Lutie sneak into the frame and start putting on their own show. Sorry, girls, but you just can't out-dance THE MAN!

Hbomb immediately recognized him as the guy who was also gettin' down at the Arcade Fire/Superchunk Obama rally. Playing the cub reporter, she questioned him after the show and found out his name is Duncan and that he actually works for the DNC! (Yours truly, who actually is a journalist, was more concerned with getting back to the Landmark than hearing this dude's story.) What he literally said was that he goes around and "does his thing" for the DNC, which, I guess means dancing. Well, if THAT doesn't get you to vote for Obama, what will?? She also asked him if his name was Dunkin' as in Dunkin' Donuts or Duncan as in Duncan Hines (it's Hines). And she got this gem of a quote from him: "A man's gotta DANCE!"

That he does.

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Mike Alston said...

Yes! I had resigned to describing this guy's performance is merely "ineffable." Now I can share the madness with my friends who missed the show. This post is right on time!