Monday, July 21, 2008

For those who remember Friend Side Monkey

Ian and Eddie from that band have sort of reformed as the Ex-Monkeys, and will be at Local 506 tonight. Here's their bio, which describes them better than I can at this early hour:

The Ex-Monkeys are a Raleigh, NC based duo mixing up electronic, hip-hop, experimental, and punk rock influences. Members Ian Shannon and Ed Winstead joined forces in the mid 90s to provide sample material for a mutual friend (richm of Glycerin). This work led to the formation of the group Friend Side Monkey which provided live electronica for the Triangle area of North Carolina. FSM played shows with a diverse group of artists including Trans Am, Terminator X, Superchunk and Eugene Chadbourne. Originally, Shannon was a member of the Wifflefist media collective, helping organize multimedia performances and playing in local bands The Beatless, Polycarp and Repetophile. Winstead could be found hanging out and making sounds on Friday nights at WXDU with DJ Samps, 9th Wonder and Big Dho. The Ex-Monkeys create their sound using software, turntables and actual hardware such as a trusty 808! The result is down-tempo, beat-heavy, with nice noise and crunch. Contact the Ex-Monkeys at or on Myspace at

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