Friday, August 01, 2008

Bleeding Hearts on the radio -- Party this Sunday!

the band just posted this on myspace. Should be a great party. Get there early enough for one of Gary's bloody Mary's.

Rock Music Fan,
We know Sundays are hectic. Yardwork, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond......bullshit! Get over your hangover and tune into Little Steven's Underground Garage at 7:00 pm Sunday Aug 3rd, locally on 96Rock or Sirius 25, where he'll be featuring The Bleeding Heart's "Rehab Girl" (off our new album, Nothin' On But The Radio*) as The Coolest Song In The World This Week! We'll all be listening at Slim's Downtown. Come join us! If that's not enough, tune into 96Rock at 9:00 where they'll be interviewing us live after the show....if we can get our giant, ego-swollen heads into the studio.....
The Bleeding Hearts

*Pick up your own copy at www. myspace. com/thebleedinghearts or www. thebleedinghearts. net

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