Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Cool shows this week: Dirty Little Heaters, Trouble Walkers and more!

(Dirty Little Heaters -- Sunday at Slim's; photo by Gavin)

Thursday, Aug. 7: Bowerbirds, Local 506
The last U.S. stop before going to Europe with Bon Iver.

Thursday, Aug. 7: Trouble Walkers with The Cartridge Family, Slim's

The Trouble Walkers are alt-country-punk from Charlotte with members of Lou Ford
and David Childers and the Modern Don Juans. You know the Cartridge Family -- they're playing second so drummer Stephen Gardner can finish an early set with his other band, The T's, around the block at Pour House.
Trouble Walkers will also be at Local 506 on Sunday, Aug. 10

Thursday, Aug. 7: The T's with The Young Dubliners, The Pour House

The T's open. See Cartridge Family, above, for more details.

Friday, Aug. 8: Starmount with Whalewatchers, Slim's
Check out video from Starmount here

Sunday, Aug. 10: The Dirty Little Heaters, Slim's
Awesome, angry girl rock. Check out the video from their recent show at Tir na Nog here.

Sunday, Aug. 10: The Moaners, The Cave
Another awesome girl band. The Moaners aren't as angry as the Dirty Little Heaters, but they will rock you just as hard, especially when Melissa starts playing the saw.

Thursday, Aug. 14: Future Kings of Nowhere, Tir na Nog

Friday, Aug. 15: The Bleeding Hearts with Goner and The Loners, The Pour House
Powerhouse triple bill with three of the most beloved bands in Raleigh, all of whom are on a roll. Bleeding Hearts are riding high after their Little Steven plug, Goner is still working their awesome "Rock 'n' Roll Always Forgets" CD, and The Loners have been sounding better than ever recently.

Saturday, Aug. 16: The Never, ArtsCenter

Sunday, Aug. 17: Rawls benefit with Polvo, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan, Fin Fang Foom and Double Negative, Magic Babies, Cat's Cradle
Another all-star benefit with a little something (stylistically that is) for everyone.


Saturday, Aug. 23: The Magic Babies with Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies, Slim's (Rawls benefit)

Here's some video from The Magic Babies.

Friday, Aug. 29: Cy Rawls benefit with Superchunk, Birds of Avalon and The Rosebuds, Cat's Cradle
An all-star local-music benefit for Cy Rawls. This will seriously be the show of the year.

The following day, eat some steak for Cy with a benefit buffet at Outback. Go even if you're a vegetarian -- you can always load up on mashed potatoes and salad. Here are the details:

ANYWAY, after "getting jiggy" with Birds of Avalon, Rosebuds and
Superchunk Friday night, come out to a tasty and nutrient-rich buffet
lunch at Outback Steakhouse at 3500 Mt. Moriah Rd., near New Hope
Commons, at noon Saturday, Aug. 30. For $20, you get chicken AND
steak, salad, mashed potatoes and a drink, with ALL PROCEEDS going to
the cause. Pay by cash or check (made out to Cy Rawls Benevolence
Fund) at the door. Eat in or take out, whatever. There are only 50
spots for this event, so please RSVP through the Evite posted below.

Here's the link to RSVP:

Friday, Aug. 29: Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights with Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves, Slim's
One of the first shows I documented for my blog was Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves on Nov. 11, 2005, at Slim's. I remember that date because I also met my friend Flo, who would end up being very special to me, at that show. Unfortunately the video from that show was put on a server that no longer exists. I probably have the original video somewhere, but honestly am not going to look for it right now. Maybe I'll put it up before the show. In the meantime, you can see the original entry, and video from the second time I saw them, here.

Saturday, Aug. 30: Raleigh Rumble IV, Vintage Bikes & Rock, Slim's

Saturday, Aug. 30: The Club is Open show with Filthybird and more,Cat's Cradle
Here's what I had to say last year about the totally awesome and underrated Filthybird.

Friday, Sept. 5: The Old Ceremony, Cat's Cradle

Friday, Sept. 5: Pine State, Local 506

Back in the day, no one, and I mean no one, put on a crazy tent-revival show, or tore up a club, like Pine State. I remember one show in which The Gimp allowed people (including me) to whip him, and another in which Charlie Speight walked around in a sparkly thong and some other guy whose name I forget ate brains out of a can and then threw up on stage. they also played my 1994 Christmas party when I lived in Boylan Heights and got mad when I told them they couldn't bring a gutted-out piano into the house. At some point, they also played music. I don't know who is in this line-up, but I would give anything if they would bring back the Yngwie-loving Japanese guitarist who was briefly in the band.

Thursday, Sept. 11: The Bronzed Chorus, Tir na Nog

I can truthfully say this band was one of the most surprising bands I've seen all year. I still don't know what to make of them except to say that they're amazing and that you need to go see them. See the video from the show in April.

Sept. 19-21: Sparkcon, venues throughout downtown.

I missed the last two Sparkcons because I was in Germany each year. This September I'll be in Raleigh, and I look forward to checking it out.

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