Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan, meet the Bleeding Hearts

In the almost-too-weird-to-believe category, Norwegian newspaper Aftonbladet has issued a call for Lindsay Lohan to cover the Bleeding Hearts' "Rehab Girl," which has enjoyed considerable success since getting big-upped by Little Stephen. At least, I think that's what this article says -- that's what Joe Yerry says it says. But since I don't read Norwegian, and I don't think Joe does either, I decided to consult the Google translator. I don't think it reads Norwegian either. From what I gather, the Aftonbladet folks really dig the CD's album cover, which isn't surprising seeing as the band couldn't keep their promo posters, featuring semi-naked local model Luva, from being stolen.

Read Little Stevens sommarkrönika - exklusivt for Aftonbladet

NEW YORK. Ärade landsmän!

Sweden känns numera as my other hem, so I känner that I get called is so.

Today's krönika would actually have varit my sista, but it has varit so cool to håll in touch with is, as I have bestämt for me to write in fyra veckor till.

And that håll each touch with what is good in life, it is also veckans theme in my radioshow. Där shelves, we just now Film Noir-genre.

We will be tända a födelsedagsljus for legendary regissören John Houston, which började the entire grejen with the brilliant movie "Riddarfalken from Malta" 1941.

But it is not everything. Nine lyssnar which has also (o) the trip to höra undertecknad make a Humphrey Bogart-imitation of a alldeles speciellt fruktansvärt ways.

Bättre songs that when we play världens coolaste song - it's here veckan.

It fits in under the category popkultur that means something - alltså the one in the normal case, återfinns of 50 - and 60-talsplattor.

The song is called "Rehab Girl", and believe it or ej, but it's not about Amy, Britney, Lindsay or Courtney.

The group is The Bleeding Hearts from Raleigh, North Carolina, and they can also be my röst for lyckats have to create this year's coolaste album cover.

Nine hittar their skiva at doublenaughtrecords.com, and mig hittar ni that vanligt in undergroundgaraget now this weekend.

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