Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunny music for a rainy day

Since it's raining today, I thought I'd give you a little Kingsbury Manx to lift your spirits. "Ascenseur Ouvert!" is the group's first album in four years, and I was immediately hooked. And though I referred to it as "sunny" music in my headline, the music on this CD can be a little gloomy too.

I first listened to it in the car driving between New Bern an Kinston. If you've ever driven out that way, you know what a desolate stretch of road that is. The day was somewhat warm and mostly sunny, with wispy clouds occasionally casting shadows as I drove. That's really the best metaphor I can think of for "Ascenseur Ouvert!" While it's mostly sunny and warm, a little darkness keeps creeping in.

"Shoulder Stories," by Kingsbury Manx

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FireInTheSun said...

Thanks, Karen! There is nothing like the perfect storm of a good drive, the right song, and the sky changing colors. Simple, beautiful things.