Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This week's cool shows: Loners and Bain Project!

(The Loners)


Thursday, March 5: The T's with Static Minds, Tir na Nog

Friday, March 6: The Loners, Tir na Nog
Release party for new Cd, "The Revolution" with Dirty Little Heaters and Pinche Gringo. $6 cover or $10 combo cover which includes LP and MP3 download.

Friday, March 6: Night Prowler with Judas Rising, Lincoln Theatre

Friday, March 6: Strange Faces, The Pour House

Friday, March 6: Future Islands with Goner, Berkeley Cafe
From the press release:
Triangle/Triad electro/dance-punk favorites Future Islands return to Raleigh with their Wham City collective colleague Ed Schrader. Raleigh's beloved power pop trio Goner will open the show Friday, March 6th at the Berkeley Café.
Goner rides the success of their latest release, Rock N’ Roll Always Forgets. Having played together for a decade, Goner continuously upgrades their level of performance. It gets louder, it gets faster, this trio’s sound consistently keeps you bouncing. Following this Triangle favorite, Future Islands unleashes their hyper-energetic electro madness once again. They return to the Carolinas straight from European tour ready to share some enthusiasm. The Village Voice describes their sound as full of "...happy happy hooks, wiry dance grooves." Combined with Baltimore comedian Ed Schrader, a well-rounded eclectic evening to remember is guaranteed. For more band details, please visit their web pages at and .
$6 cover for 21+, $8 for 18+.

Friday, March 6: Thad Cockrell with Caitlin Cary, Pour House
Old friends and collaborators Caitlin and Thad have been busier with other projects in the past couple of years, so it's good to see them back together again.

Saturday, March 7: Hank Sinatra, Slim's

Saturday, March 7: Bain Fundraising Concert, 313 Martin St., Raleigh
(subject to change):

12:00-Razor Wire Safety Net
1:00-Tomas Phillips
2:00-Subscape Annex
3:00-Craig Hilton
4:00-Benito Crawford
there will be a 1 hour break from 5-6
7:00-The Tender Fruit
8:00-Old Bricks
9:00-Ivan Rosebud
10:00-Mount Weather

Dj FTB to provide interlude music throughout the night.

Space provided and concert sponsored by Clearscapes.

Saturday, March 7: Curtains of Night, Reservoir

Saturday, March 7: Nathan Oliver with Schooner and The Proclivities, Local 506

Saturay, March 7: Cool John Ferguson and the Swingin' Johnsons, The Pour House

Saturay, March 7: The Virgo 9 with The Wigg Report and Blood Red River The Pinhook

Saturday, March 7: Nathan Oliver, with Schooner and The Proclivities, Local 506

Sunday, March 8: Future Islands with Lonnie Walker, Nightlight

Sunday, March 8: Hymns with Death on Two Wheels and The Bridges, Slim's

Sunday, March 8: Future Islands Nightlight


Wednesday, March 11: Red Fang with Early Man, The Pour House

Thursday, March 12: Vetiver, Cat's Cradle
San Francisco freak-folkies with roots in Greensboro's early '90s pop-genius group Raymond Brake.

Thursday, March 12: Lonnie Walker with Lake Inferior, Tir na Nog

Friday, March 13: Colossus, Reservoir

Friday, March 13: In the Year of the Pig, Nightlight

There will also be an early event from 6-9 p.m.: NL Collective Art Show- check out North Carolina artists during Chapel Thrill's Second Friday Art Walk

6PM-9PM walk, bike, booze around

Friday, March 13: Hellrazor, Dive Bar

Friday, March 13: Whatever Brains, Slim's

Friday, March 13: American Aquarium, Lincoln Theatre

Friday, March 13:
Olympic Ass-Kicking Team
with Chip Robinson & the Heavy Beat Outfit, The Pour House

Saturday, March 14: The Proclivities with The Moderate, Pour House

Saturday, March 14: Automag, The Brewery

Saturay, March 14: Maple Stave with Tiger Bear Wolf and Actual Persons Living or Dead The Pinhook

Sunday, March 15: Swap Meet, The Pour House
Come get some free stuff! 6 p.m.

Wednesday, March 19: Huguenots with The Catch Fire, Nightlight

Wednesday, March 19: Lake Inferior with I Was Totally Destroying It, Local 506

Friday, March 20: American Aquarium, Lincoln Theatre

Friday, March 20: Steep Canyon Rangers, The Pour House

Friday, March 20: Embarrassing Fruits with Sorry About Dresden and Blag'ard Local 506

Saturay, March 21: Johnny Cash Birthday Celebration, The Pinhook

Thursday, March 26: Whatever Brains with Pink Flag, Tir na Nog

Friday, March 27: Colossus with Black Skies, volume 11

Friday, March 27: Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls, Slim's

Friday, March 27: ASG with Colossus, Black Skies and Power Pellut, Volume 11 Tavern

Friday, March 27: A Rooster for the Masses, Pour House

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