Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This week's cool shows: Insplosure and more

This weekend's best show isn't a show at all. If you find yourself wandering around at Artsplosure (whose musical line up isn't doing much for me this year), definitely pop into the Pour House to take a look at what some amazing local artists are doing. This year's stable of artists includes Greg Clayton, Leigh Griffin Harris, Chris Williams (Plastic Flame), Troy Jeffries, Kirk Adam, Julia Hoffman and many, many more.Plus it's a good spot to stop and get a cocktail before heading back out into the sun. 

Musically, this week's cool shows include Citified and Fan-Tan at Local 506 on Friday, Pontiak with Arboretum and Caltrop at Nightlight on Saturday, and Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls with Rat Jackson at Slim's, also on Saturday. 

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Deckfight said...

good show list, but thought you might relate to this: http://www.deckfight.com/2010/05/year-of-reading-faulker-as-i-lay-dying.html