Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Five Questions with Ryan Gustafson

This week marks my return to the weekly Five Questions interview. I did this when I was writing for New Raleigh last year, but took a break from it when I decided to concentrate on my own blog. But I actually really liked doing the interviews (though they sometimes took up a surprising amount of my time) so I've decided to resurrect the feature here.

And who better to start with than Ryan Gustafson? Seriously, the buzz surrounding the whole Drughorse Collective (Max Indian, Love Language, Light Pines and more) is just growing and growing.  And Gustafson is right in the center, with a fabulous voice and a slightly twangy sound.
Gustafson is opening for Superchunk this Friday, May 21, at Cat's Cradle.

1. You are in at least three bands (Max Indian, Light Pines and your own) with Carter Gaj and James Wallace. How does your musical interaction with them change in each band?

it has made us very tight, as well as influenced by eachothers strengths. we push eachother further creatively i think. we can read eachother really well. carter and i have been playing so much guitar togather sometimes we wont even realize that we're bouncing parts off of eachother. i'll leave space for him to play, and right when i come in he'll leave space for me to play with out ever having gone over it before. we've learned to read the very small things about eachother like little eye, or body movents. aswell as just listening to eachother. 

2. The Drughorse Collective's "Drughorse One" was released in March. Can we infer by the title that there will be follow ups? 
yes. not sure when though. 

3. Are you a good cook? If so, what's your specialty?
i think im a good cook. but i dont use recipes so sometimes the food is pretty strange. lately ive been making big breakfasts. sauteed veggies (in olive oil not butter), with tofo and herbs, 2 poached eggs on toast with pepper and some avacdo. thats about as far as i go. i havent been as broke as i usually am latly so ive been able to make nicer food. 

4. You've said before that your parents played music, and that was a great influence on you. Did they ever have a band together?
no, they never played in bands. my dad did sing in a traveling chior though. my mom was never serious about music but she did have a guitar around. my great grand parents generation had a full family band with about 12 members in sweden i think. 

5. Where would you rather be: In a city, on a mountain or on a deserted beach?

hmmmm. thats a hard one for me. inbetween a mountain and a city. ive been thinking about this one for a long time. ive always been atracted to the idea of "of the grid" living that can be easier to get in the mountains, but im also one of the people that love the energy of a big city. probably a little bit of both. 

(Photo of Ryan Gustafson, above, by Nicole Coyle)


Friday really does seem to be the best day for rock in the Triangle. In addition to the Superchunk/Ryan Gustafson show, there's Small Ponds and Luego at the Pour House, Gray Young at the Pinhook, Greg Humphries at the Six String Cafe, and of course the mighty doom rock legends Pentagram at Volume 11 Tavern.

Thursday you should not miss Mount Moriah, who will be opening the Local Band Local Beer show at Tir na Nog. Also on Thursday, The Bronzed Chorus will be at the Pinhook with Hog, and Black Skies and Music Hates You will be at Local 506.

On Saturday, Caltrop and Minor Stars are at Dive Bar and Actual Persons Living or Dead are at Pinhook.

If you are in Raleigh on Saturday, please come to the Bee Ball! It's an annual event sponsored by The Beehive, of which I am a member. It's a good excuse to get really dolled up and dance your butt off. Plus you get to cast your vote for such local luminaries as Trent Bowles, Geoff Gann and Abby Nardo. Last year's kick off event was totally fun, and I expect this years to be so as well. 

And I must apologize to APLOD, Dave Cantwell in particular, because I told them I would include an .mp3 from their new CD here to promote their show, but in the last week my old HP computer, which was just barely hanging on, up and died on me altogether.  That's in addition to the refrigerator, which died yesterday. Yours truly went TODAY and bought a brand new Mac Book, so, yes, I finally made the switch from a PC to a Mac, and I think I'm going to be a lot happier with it. That's a long way of saying I don't have the ftp/iLife thing figured out, so I don't have an .mp3 to give you just yet. That will come soon.

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