Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dungen, Bowerbirds, Raekwon added to Hopscotch lineup!

The organizers of Hopscotch have released the second batch of band additions for the September festival, and it's a great one. When Grayson sent out the word, I wrote back and told him he had seriously made my day by adding Swedish psychedelists Dungen (above) to the bill. He wrote back and told me to make sure and tell all of you that. So, there you go. My day has been made.

A few more locals made the bill too: Bellafea, In the Year of the Pig and Bright Young Things.

Here's the full list of additions:
Actual Proof, The Away Team, Bellafea, Big Remo, Bright Young Things, Dungen, Floating Action, In the Year of the Pig, Kaze, K-Hill, Locrian, Raekwon, Rapsody, The Remix Project, Skyzoo, Tyler Woods, Woods 

Raekwon will join Grammy-winning producer 9th Wonder of Durham Friday, Sept. 10, at Lincoln Theatre for a showcase curated by 9th Wonder. Nearly a dozen local groups will join that bill, including Actual Proof, The Away Team, Big Remo, Kaze, K-Hill, Rapsody, The Remix Project, Skyzoo and Tyler Woods. 

Also, if you are on the fence about going to this festival, or just too lazy to have gotten your ticket, you'd better get a move on. Grayson also told me that club tickets are moving fast, and probably won't last through June. 

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