Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching up: Hopscotch and Windhand

(Sleep at Lincoln Theatre)

What a weekend! I am still recovering from seeing some great shows, and I am very grateful that all those great shows were concentrated together. Last year I spent Hopscotch Thursday wandering from club to club because there was nothing in particular I wanted to see, and ended up discovering some great new bands. This year I knew exactly where I wanted to be on each night. 

It was a hectic weekend because I was shooting for Invisible Oranges, and by extension, for Brooklyn Vegan. I am very happy that they published my photos of ASG and Golden Void (best band of the weekend BY FAR) here; photos of Pig Destroyer/Gorguts/Vattnet Viskar/Sannhet here; and Sleep/Evoken/Inter Arma/Solar Halos here. I also have a set from Bitter Resolve (who opened for Golden Void) here. I was very excited to be shooting for IO, and hope to shoot more for them in the future. 

Also, today my review of Windhand's new album, Soma, was published on About.com Heavy Metal. My interview with guitarist Garrett Morris will be published later this week. If you haven't checked out Soma, please go here and take a listen. Then buy the album and support this awesome band. These guys have worked really hard on this album, and have truly created something special. 

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sinister Haze, Demon Eye and Horseskull

(Demon Eye)

Here are a few photos from the Friday (Aug. 31) show with Sinister Haze, Demon Eye and Horseskull at the Maywood. As always, I enjoyed both Demon Eye and Horseskull, but I really got into Sinister Haze, who are from Richmond and include members of Cough. They'll be at the Autumn Screams Doom festival next month. 

Strangely, my favorite photo of the evening was the following Instagram photo of Demon Eye!