Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Black Thai streaming on The Obelisk

Lots of good shows coming up in the next few weeks, not the least of which is Black Thai with Bedowyn on Nov. 11 at the Maywood. I've been listening to "Seasons of Might," the band's new release, which will be out on Nov. 6, and it's good stuff. The Obelisk has a full dissection, and a stream of "Start a War," here. These guys put on two great shows at the Dive Bar a couple of years ago, so I'm really excited for this show. Also, FYI, if you're going to the Stoner Hands of Doom fest in Richmond, Black Thai is playing on Sunday, Nov. 10. 

Photos of Windhand, Mourning Cloak and Satan's Satyrs on Invisible Oranges

Last Saturday (Oct. 19) I checked out Windhand, Mourning Cloak and Satan's Satyrs at Legitimate Business in Greensboro. Since I lived in Greensboro for five years, you would think I could easily find my way around that town. Evidently Legitimate Business (the recording studio/show space owned by the guitarist of Mourning Cloak) is in a part of town I never visited because nothing about that space, street or neighborhood looked familiar. Anyway, it's a cool spot, and I'll be on the lookout for more shows happening there now that I know where it is. 

Windhand and Mourning Cloak were great, as expected, but I was most impressed with Satan's Satyrs, a young Hellacopters-ish band from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing them again. Check out the photos on Invisible Oranges.