Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photos of Windhand, Mourning Cloak and Satan's Satyrs on Invisible Oranges

Last Saturday (Oct. 19) I checked out Windhand, Mourning Cloak and Satan's Satyrs at Legitimate Business in Greensboro. Since I lived in Greensboro for five years, you would think I could easily find my way around that town. Evidently Legitimate Business (the recording studio/show space owned by the guitarist of Mourning Cloak) is in a part of town I never visited because nothing about that space, street or neighborhood looked familiar. Anyway, it's a cool spot, and I'll be on the lookout for more shows happening there now that I know where it is. 

Windhand and Mourning Cloak were great, as expected, but I was most impressed with Satan's Satyrs, a young Hellacopters-ish band from Virginia. Looking forward to seeing them again. Check out the photos on Invisible Oranges. 

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