Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool shows this week: Valient Thorr, Avett Bros. Old '97s and more!

(Valient Thorr, Volume 11, Tuesday)

Thursday, July 24: Citified with Goner, Tir na Nog
Goner's awesome new album is called "Rock 'n' Roll Always Forgets." Greensboro's Citified reminds me of an updated Smiths. Hoping to FINALLY catch them live.

Friday, July 25: I was Totally Destroying It with Hammer No More the Fingers, Max & The Marginalized, Sleepsound, at the IWTDI House, 5804 Crescent Dr, Chapel Hill.
A good chance to see IWTDI before they head out on tour with Conor Oberst.

Friday, July 25: The Loners with The Heavy Pets, Slim's

Friday, July 25: Bobzilla birthday celebration with the OAK Team and the Infamous Sugar, The Pour House
Bob is the tour manager who gives an insiders look at the rock 'n' roll life via his blog.

Friday, July 25: Citified with The Strugglers and Gray Young, Local 506

Chris from Citified says "this show will be a multimedia event...a visual spectacular!" I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds interesting. Citified and The Strugglers will also be on WKNC that afternoon at 5 p.m.

Saturday, July 26: Avett Brothers, Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary


Old 97s at Moore Square, Raleigh FREE!

This unfortunate bit of scheduling pits two bands with similar audiences against each other in different cities on the same day. Old 97s have the advantage of being free and within stumbling distance of several bars. And, the Connells, Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls, and The Poonhounds all open. But the Avett Brothers really could not be hotter right now, and this will be a couple of days after the release of their new CD. Avett Brothers start at 7 p.m. with an opener, and Old 97s start at 9:30, so theoretically you might be able to catch most of both.

Saturday, July 26: ASG, Volume 11 Tavern
If you want to skip the whole Avetts vs. Old '97s debate altogether you could just go see Wilmington hard rockers ASG.

Sunday, July 27: Neu Romance, the Alibi
Weekly dance party, with DJs Madcow, Castro, Drew and Nick. Neu Romance has always been fun, but seems to have some new life now that it has moved to Alibi.

Tuesday, July 29: Valient Thorr with Early Man, Monotonix and H.O.W., Volume 11
Hometown hard rock kings return with a who's who of heavy rockers supporting them. Monotonix put on a helluva show at Slim's back in May. Here's video from that show.

Tuesday, July 29: The Armed Forces with The Virgo 9 and the Nondenoms, Pour House
I don't know anything about The Armed Forces or the Nondenoms, but Virgo 9 is an angsty girl rock duo who put on a good show at Rockin' the Park. Here's the video.

Thursday, July 31, Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, Tir na Nog
I've written a lot about Sir Arthur. Here's what I had to say about their first show, along with a couple of videos. "The Yep" is a great song, and one of my favorites by a local band.

Friday, Aug. 1: Benefit for Cy Rawls with Grass Widow and Devour, Slim's
The first of many local benefits, I'm sure. Come out and help support local rock fanatic Cy Rawls, who is battling a brain tumor without health insurance. Also, according to the bulletin on myspace:

If you attend the benefit @ Slim’s, please bring any extra blank CDR’s, Kinkos copy cards, and CD jewel cases as Andrew Wood plans to release a local music sampler to raise extra money. Devour and Grass Widow's songs are confirmed…any other bands interested please contact him. Any new, live, or existing material is welcome (just don't screw yourself with copyright problems).

Saturday, Aug. 2: The Whistlestop, The Pour House
All-star alt-country group has its CD-release party, with
See video from the last time I saw The Whistlestop. with David Dyer & the Crooked Smile Band and Kenny Roby and Scott McCall.

Tuesday, Aug. 5: Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls, Slim's


Aug. 8: Starmount with Whalewatchers, Slim's
Check out video from Starmount here

Aug. 10: The Dirty Little Heaters, Slim's
Awesome, angry girl rock. Check out the video from their recent show at Tir na Nog here.

Aug. 10: The Moaners, The Cave
Another awesome girl band. The Moaners aren't as angry as the Dirty Little Heaters, but they will rock you just as hard, especially when Melissa starts playing the saw.

Aug. 14: Future Kings of Nowhere, Tir na Nog

Aug. 16: The Never, ArtsCenter

Aug. 29: Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights with Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves, Slim's
One of the first shows I documented for my blog was Dirty Johnny & the Makebelieves on Nov. 11, 2005, at Slim's. I remember that date because I also met my friend Flo, who would end up being very special to me, at that show. Unfortunately the video from that show was put on a server that no longer exists. I probably have the original video somewhere, but honestly am not going to look for it right now. Maybe I'll put it up before the show. In the meantime, you can see the original entry, and video from the second time I saw them, here.

Aug. 30: Raleigh Rumble IV, Vintage Bikes & Rock, Slim's

Fri, Sept. 5: The Old Ceremony, Cat's Cradle

Sept. 5: Pine State, Local 506

Back in the day, no one, and I mean no one, put on a crazy tent-revival show, or tore up a club, like Pine State. I remember one show in which The Gimp allowed people (including me) to whip him, and another in which Charlie Speight walked around in a sparkly thong and some other guy whose name I forget ate brains out of a can and then threw up on stage. they also played my 1994 Christmas party when I lived in Boylan Heights and got mad when I told them they couldn't bring a gutted-out piano into the house. At some point, they also played music. I don't know who is in this line-up, but I would give anything if they would bring back the Yngwie-loving Japanese guitarist who was briefly in the band.

Sept. 11: The Bronzed Chorus, Tir na Nog

I can truthfully say this band was one of the most surprising bands I've seen all year. I still don't know what to make of them except to say that they're amazing and that you need to go see them. See the video from the show in April.

Sept. 19-21: Sparkcon, venues throughout downtown.

I missed the last two Sparkcons because I was in Germany each year. This September I'll be in Raleigh, and I look forward to checking it out.

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