Friday, July 15, 2011

Announcing: The Mann's World Day Party at Hopscotch!

Today The Independent released the list of day parties and other unofficial events taking place during Hopscotch. These are parties put on by local labels, websites, venues, etc., and not usually officially sponsored by Hopscotch itself. Like last year, there's going to be some good stuff happening during these parties.

And like last year, I'm throwing my own day party! This year's event will feature three of my current favorite heavy bands: Heavy local supergroup Righteous Fool, Boston's doomy Black Thai, and Durham's awesomely abrasive Lurch. This party, which will be sponsored by one of my favorite beers -- Big Boss, will take place during the day (I'll update the times later) on Saturday, Sept. 10, at Dive Bar, which, as you should know, is right on the R-Line. That's if you're too lazy to walk the four blocks from Hargett Street to get there.

I'm really excited about this show, and I hope to see you all out there!

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