Thursday, February 06, 2003

Article by me in the News & Observer on blogging.

You can find lots of responses from some of the folks I interviewed, as well as info on the RTP bloggers on Bruce and Katy Loebrich's site.

Upcoming shows I plan to see, and maybe write about here:

Roxotica (photos from Ross Grady's Saturday, Feb. 8 at Ringside.
Can't wait to see this one -- chick rockers and NWOBHM. What else do you need? The only thing possibly better might be the all-female Iron Maiden tribute band I keep hearing so much about.

The Datsuns, Wednesday, March 19, at Cat's Cradle.

Sahara Hotnights, same week at the Datsuns at the Cradle. Can't remember the date right not, and it's not on the Cradle site.

Still hoping QOTSA will be moved from Lincoln Theatre to the Ritz.