Saturday, July 09, 2005

(Erik from The Cherry Valence)

Sorry this is so brief -- I've been stressed like crazy over nothing in particular and just haven't had time to write. Cherry Valence put on an amazing show last night at Kings, and I managed to get a few good photos. It was proof that the garage show where I saw them about a month ago was an aberation. The band isn't as raw now that Erik and Charles are in the band, but it still has the old Cherry Valence energy. There's definitely more of a bluesy, boogie feel. I've been listening to the new CD all day, and so far I'm very impressed. I also managed to get a few good movies, which I'll upload on Monday.

(Nick from The Cherry Valence)

Also on the bill last night were The Dynamite Brothers, who I love more and more each time I see them, and Black Taj (featuring Steve Popson and Dave Brylawski from Polvo) who sound like a cross between Black Sabbath and The Allman Brothers.

(Dynamite Brothers)

(Black Taj)

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