Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dexter Romweber and the New Romans

I got a blast from the past last night at Kings. Local legend Dexter Romweber, whom I first saw live more than 20 years ago, was playing with his new band, which includes a variety of folks, including Anthony from Lud, Crowmeat Bob and Chuck Garrison on percussion (even though I've seen the drummer around for years, I still don't know his name -- or maybe I do and just can't remember it; I couldn't remember Anthony's name last night either, even though he's one of my myspace pals).

I also saw Clif Mann, who gave me a CDR of an old Chew Toy show from 1991 or '92. I may put one or two songs on the myspace page.

The first time I saw Flat Duo Jets was at the New Deli when I was a freshman at ECU back in 1985. Afterward, there was a party at Bubba Grant's house, where Dexter played a whole 'nother set, solo, in the kitchen -- one of the most raucous performances I've ever seen by anyone anywhere. If anyone knows where Bubba is these days, please e-mail me or forward him my e-mail (

Last night's show, unfortunately, was sparsely attended. I'm not sure if it just wasn't well-promoted, or if people really just don't like to go out on a Wednesday night. Actually, I know that's not true, because after the show we went to the Jackpot, and there were quite a few folks there. For the vast majority of you who missed it, here are some photos and a movie. As per usual, it takes several minutes to download. (there may be a second one later.)

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