Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finally had a chance to go out and see some live music the other night. (Mr. C. is doing much better -- he's actually using the leg a bit now, though sometimes he tries to run, and when he does he tends to hold it up.)

Friday was the A Rooster for the Masses CD-release party at Kings, with The Capulets, Hungry Models and another band playing (sorry, I got there after that band played, so I can't rememeber exactly who it was).

(video removed) As you can see by the movie, they were all very snappy dressers.

Next up were The Capulets, whom I've heard a great deal about. Actually, I've heard that they sound a whole lot like The Strokes, which is mostly true -- if The Strokes were better musicians and had better songs (I like The Strokes, btw, though I haven't had a chance to hear their new CD). Vocally they're much better, though Julian Casablancas' nasal whine is nothing if not distinctive. The most stunning thing about this band is that they originally formed in Greenville. I guess I haven't been to Greenville in a while, but I thought it was infested with jam bands. Tell me what you think of them. They were clearly the crowd favorites of the night.

The Capulets from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Finally, there was A Rooster for The Masses, who describe themselves as sounding like "Ian Mackaye singing for Dexy's Midnight Runners covering The Clash." For some reason they remind me of Duran Duran and Boz Scaggs. Listening to them makes me think of hanging out on a sailboat at sunset in Beaufort harbor and drinking a Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler. That's good. At least I think it's good.

A Rooster for the Masses from Mann's World on Vimeo.

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