Friday, March 31, 2006

Red Smokes White and The Trousers at Kings Last night I had a chance to check out Red Smokes White (their singer is pictured above) and The Trousers at Kings. I'd never heard of Red Smokes White, but I was very impressed with their sludgy, swampy Black Sabbath-meets-Deliverance rock. Their bass player switched between an electric and a stand-up bass, and one of the guitarists also played sax. I found out later that the bass player is Daryl White, who used to be in Trailer Bride, among other bands. I also found out the sax-playing guitarist is his brother, and they both used to live in Havelock, down the road from my old hometown, Morehead City. I always love meeting folks from Eastern N.C. who have escaped. If someone knows who Lee Canipe is, or has been to the Elbow Room in Greenville, I know we'll have a special bond. I got footage of Red Smokes White, but truthfully I didn't like this song as much as the others they did. I plan to see them again and will try to film a different song. I'd heard a bit about The Trousers (above), but apparently not enough because I was expecting a new wave band. Instead, they were more psychedelic British blues. As if to reiterate that, they actually played "Train Kept a Rollin'." Definitely good (their bass player was amazing to watch). Here's a couple of movies. (Videos removed) Also, you can take a look at some more photos from the show on my Flickr stream.

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