Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three things

Charlotte's The New Familiars will be at The Pour House tonight, and they are issuing a challenge to Raleighites to come out and help them drink the kegs dry. Band member E-S Guthrie says:
we're a conglomeration of folk, blues, rock, bluegrass, and country that we call folk-core, we're writing honest music from from the heart, and we perform it with all the passion and intensity that we can muster from the depths of our souls.

they'll be with local all-girl bluegrass ensemble the Sweet By and By, so if you like drinking and bluegrass, get out to the Pour House tonight.

Secondly, Brian Walsby has a new Blogger blog called Introverted Loudmouth, where he reminisces about his rock experiences. Check out his post on making a T-shirt for Tommy Lee.

Thirdly, N&O rock critic David Menconi has a nice blog post and a story in memory of David Enloe, guitarist for The Fabulous Knobs and The Woods, who died Tuesday. I didn't know David Enloe, but other folks have been writing heartfelt tributes to him. I'll let them tell you all about him.

From Terry Anderson's blog

From Bob Davis' blog

Video of Marti Jones, Tim Lee and Enloe coveringThe dB's "Neverland" 1986

Video of The Fabulous Knobs "Please You No More"

Video of The Fabulous Knobs "Don't Stop"

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