Friday, December 14, 2007

The T's and Birds of Avalon tomorrow night!

Please pass this show info along. As y'all know, The T's are my favorite local band, so if you've never checked them out, you owe it to yourself to do so. Birds of Avalon are among my favorites too, so this is going to be a killer show. From what I've heard, its some sort of Camel promotion, so if you smoke, you might get some free cigs out of it too! Only $3! What a deal!

Here's the original message:

Hi Folks...

Well, its not a "Kings Show" but thats okay I guess... The Birds of Avalon will be playing a Christmas party at the Downtown Events Center tomorrow night -- Sat. the 15th.. We will do our best to cheer the place up a bit and make it a good time for everybody!.

The T's and Grass Widow are also playing and DJ Castro is providing some supreme jams between bands... The Cost is $3 ..

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