Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Witchcraft and Graveyard at Local 506

(Graveyard) I'm really kind of perplexed why The Indy made this one of their "Eh, Whatever" shows. If Carcass hadn't totally blown me away a few nights earlier, I would say this Swedish stoner rock extravaganza was the best show I've seen in a while. I will say this, though: Witchcraft may have been the headliner, and they may be better known, but Graveyard had, by far, the better set. I also want to say to the tall, curly haired dork in the Clutch T-shirt who kept whistling incessantly throughout the show to just stop. That ear-piercing whistle just irritates everyone -- the band, and your friends -- included. Someone (maybe the same guy?) was doing the same thing at the Lou Reed show and eventually the crowd started yelling for him to stop. Showing your appreciation for the band is great, but doing so in a way that actually drowns out the music and gets on everyone's nerves just makes you look li

Graveyard -- "Years Pass By" from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Check out the video for Graveyard's "As Years Pass By" See more photos.

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