Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sweethearts go Static

Last night was the debut of Static Minds, which is essentially Suburban Sweethearts with The T's Andy Kerr on second guitar. I sort of assumed both bands would sound similar, but in fact Static Minds are much heavier. They certainly won over the crowd at Slim's. And a certain friend of mine remarked that Lucius is the only man in town who can get away with wearing a neckerchief. Here's a very dark video of the first song.
Static Minds from Mann's World on Vimeo. Opening up were The Huguenots from Chapel Hill, who have a '60s mod quality similar to The Names and The Booze, two great not-local bands I got to see this year. They're the ones who listed The Barbarians' "Moulty" as an influence. I got to the show after they began, so I don't know if they played that song or not, but I will personally buy each member of the band a PBR if they play it the next time I see them. Actually, I'll go ahead and put that offer out to any band in the Triangle. The only stipulations are that I have to be warned ahead of time so I can shoot video, and I will only do it once. And the drummer has to sing. Actually, the more I think about this, it might be better to have Sir Arthur do this song, and have Trent Bowles sing. Anyway, here's video of The Huguenots.

The Heugenots from Mann's World on Vimeo.

The Magic Babies headlined the show, but because I had to work early this morning, I cut out before Static Minds had finished.

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