Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This week's cool shows: Raleigh Undercover!


Thursday, Jan. 29: Lollipop Factory, The Virgo 9, Animal, The Reservoir

Friday, Jan. 30: Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
with Dave Wilson (of Chatham County Line), Berkeley Cafe

Former V-Roys guitarist Miller is touring has a new album coming out next Tuesday, but you can buy it from him this Friday at the show.

Saturday, Jan. 31: The Annuals, Cat's Cradle
There's also a cool contest going on with this show. Read about it here!

Friday-Sunday, Jan. 30-Feb. 1: Raleigh Undercover, Tir na Nog
The beloved Great Cover-Up, which used to have a home at Kings, is revived as Raleigh Undercover at Tir na Nog. While the venue may be different, the spirit is still the same. Tickets are $5 each night.

Here's the line-up:

* Friday: Embarrassing Fruits, Bright Young Things, The Whalewatchers, Left Outlet, & Valient Thorr
* Saturday: I Was Totally Destroying It, The Nevers, Static Minds, The T's, & Hearts and Daggers
* Sunday: Mike Roy, Gray Young, Ronnie Nabbs (Raleigh All-Star band), and another multi-band collaboration

Please note that all proceeds will benefit The Beehive, of which yours truly is a member. The Beehive is a local non-profit organization that raises money for good causes. ALSO: We will be raffling off a sweet Fender Squire guitar donated by Harry's Guitar Shop! So, come by to see a fun show, help a good cause, and possibly win a cool guitar in the process!

Friday, Jan. 30: Schooner with Kingsbury Manx, the Pinhook
Also on this bill, from The Pinhook's Web site: DJ dance party til the end of the night (we'll be bringing a bunch of lights and smoke machine and fun stuff to get the dance party vibe right!)

Friday, Jan. 30: The Dry Heathens with The Loners and The Homewreckers, the Pinhook
A lot of people love Dry Heathens. I've seen them twice, and haven't been blown away. The Loners, however, are always awesome.

Saturday, Jan. 31: Annuals with Jessica Lea Mayfield and What Laura Says, Cat's Cradle

Monday, Feb. 2: Man Will Destroy Himself, Slim's
A loud show for a Monday night!

Monday, Feb. 2: The Dry Heathens with The Howlies and Pinche Gringo, Local 506


Friday, Feb. 6: , "One Night Stand - Local musicians like you've never seen them!" Local 506

I have no idea what this is about (currently checking into it). Here's the lineup:


Adam Price (of Hundred Air)
John Harrison (of North Elementary)
Joe Romeo
Whitney Skillcorn (of Robosapian)
Billy Sugarfix

The Brotations (Mike Myerson and Justin Blatt)

Murat Dirlik and Adam Brinson (of Caltrop)

Paul Finn (of Kingsbury Manx)

And more!

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 6 & 7: WKNC Double Barrel Benefit, Pour House
A stellar two-night lineup to benefit N.C. State's awesome student radio station.
Friday: Lonnie Walker, Lost in the Trees, Schooner and Bowerbirds.
Saturday: Polvo, Birds of Avalon, Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies and I Was Totally Destroying It.

Friday, Feb. 13: Great 8 Showcase, Local 506
Each year The N&O's David Menconi makes a list of 8 local acts to watch in the new year. This year's crop will be announced soon. From what I know of the list (and don't ask me because I'm not telling), this is going to be a good show.

Friday, Feb. 13: Strange Faces, Slim's

Saturday, Feb. 14: Dexter Romweber Duo with Chrome Plated ApostlesLocal 506
Dexter and Sara Romweber make of part of North Carolina's First Family of rock, and this is their CD-release party. Chrome Plated Apostles include Hunter Landen and Clif Mann from The Bad Checks (another long-time local rock legend), and share that band's love of raw, nasty blues rock.

Saturday, Feb. 14: The Old Ceremony, Cat's Cradle

Saturday, Feb. 14: Pink Flag at Nightlight

Saturday, Feb. 14: Chip Robinson & the Heavy Beat Outfit, Slim's
Former Backslider's new band.

Sunday, Feb. 15: 10th annual Love Hangover, The Pour House
A former Kings mainstay, this event features brokenhearted duets for the lovelorn.

Friday, Feb. 20: Here Lies ... with Gollum, Dive Bar

Friday, Feb. 28: North Elementary CD-release party with The Whalewatchers and Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights, The Pour House

Thursday, March 12: Vetiver, Cat's Cradle
San Francisco freak-folkies with roots in Greensboro's early '90s pop-genius group Raymond Brake.

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Jeremy Blair said...

funny story;

Jessica Lea Mayfield opened for Ryan Gustafson last month at 506. I had never heard of her and for some reason assumed she was local breaking in. Very impressed with the set I bought her CD and chatted a bit asking where her next gig was. She said "I have one coming up with The Annuals at..." he turns to her band mate, "Where is it again?" and he says, "um..The Cat's something." A little bewildered at how a local band could a) not know The Cat's cradle, and b) get booked at The Cat's Cradle not knowing it,...I offered, "um, the Cat's Cradle?" Yeah that's it, The Cat's Cradle, with Annuals." I said, good for you, the annuals will pull a big crowd, you'll get some exposure." Then I looked at teh back of the CD and saw "produced by Dan Auerbach" and I was like...ok I get it now. "where are you all from?" "...Akron...." I pulled my foot out of my mouth and said, "grats on the awesome CD, see you in January."