Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This week's cool shows: Great 8 showcase and more!

(Double Negative, Friday at Local 506)


Friday, Feb. 13: Great 8 Showcase, Local 506
Now that this year's Great 8 lineup has been revealed, I can tell you more about this show, which features Hammer No More the Fingers, Double Negative, Violet Vector & the Lovely Lovelies and Lonnie Walker. And if that's not an eclectic lineup, I don't know what is. Also, I want to take another opportunity to commend my former co-workers Jason Arthurs and Travis Long for their fabulous work on the Great 8 multimedia. I especially appreciate being able to embed the videos from the project, like the Double Negative video below.

Friday, Feb. 13: Strange Faces, Slim's
Slightly psychedelic pop with great vocals.

Friday, Feb. 13: Kennebec, The Pour House
FREE! for ladies only. Plus, this is the band's first show since last summer, and the first with new members Danny Kurtz (Whiskeytown, Backsliders, and for us ooooold fogies, Three Hits) and Jay Shirley (American Aquarium).

Saturday, Feb. 14: Dexter Romweber Duo with Chrome Plated ApostlesLocal 506
Dexter and Sara Romweber make of part of North Carolina's First Family of rock, and this is their CD-release party. Chrome Plated Apostles include Hunter Landen and Clif Mann from The Bad Checks (another long-time local rock legend), and share that band's love of raw, nasty blues rock.

Saturday, Feb. 14: The Old Ceremony, Cat's Cradle
TOC have just released a new album, "Walk on Thin Air" (which you can buy here), plus, they'll be on WUNC's The State of Things this Friday at noon.

Saturday, Feb. 14: Antagonizers with Straight 8's, Volume 11
This is being billed as Punks vs. Greasers. How romantic! I'm not familiar with Durham's Antagonizers, but according to their myspace they are the punks. Straight 8's are rockabilly from Hillsborough.

Saturday, Feb. 14: Pink Flag at Nightlight

Saturday, Feb. 14: Dexter Romweber Duo CD-release party with Killer Filler and Michael Rank & Marc E. SmithLocal 506
Get ready for the show by watching a video of Dex and Sara live in the studios at NBC-17. Killer Filler is an instrumental Hillsborough surf band with former Pressure Boy Bryon Settle on guitar. And Sara's former Snatches of Pink/Clarissa bandmade Michael Rank performs Patty Hurst Shifter's Marc E. Smith, not to be confused with The Fall's Mark E. Smith.

Saturday, Feb. 14: Chip Robinson & the Heavy Beat Outfit, Slim's
Former Backslider's new band.

Sunday, Feb. 15: 10th annual Love Hangover, The Pour House
A former Kings mainstay, this event features brokenhearted duets for the lovelorn.


Thursday, Feb. 19: Shake It Like a Caveman, Slim's
If R.L. Burnside were a Tennessee hippie, he'd be Shake It Like a Caveman.

Thursday, Feb. 19: Mic Harrison and Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos, Pour House

Friday, Feb. 20: Here Lies ... with Gollum, Dive Bar

Thursday, Feb. 19: Max Indian with Bright Young Things, Tir na Nog

Friday, Feb. 20: Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit with Benji Hughes, Lincoln Theatre
Jason you likely know about. Benji is a big, burly, bearded dude from Charlotte who may be the next Beck.


Thursday, Feb. 26: Western Civ CD-release party with Mitch Easter and Embarrassing Fruits, Local 506

Friday, Feb. 27: Harvey Milk with Black Skies, Local 506

Friday, Feb. 27: Old Habits with Shotgun Romance, Pour House

Saturday, Feb. 28: North Elementary CD-release party with The Whalewatchers, Sir Arthur & the Royal Knights and The Popular Kids, Pour House

Friday, March 6: Thad Cockrell with Caitlin Cary, Pour House

Saturday, March 7: Hank Sinatra, Slim's

Saturday, March 7: Nathan Oliver, with Schooner and The Proclivities, Local 506

Sunday, March 8: Hymns with Death on Two Wheels and The Bridges, Slim's

Thursday, March 12: Vetiver, Cat's Cradle
San Francisco freak-folkies with roots in Greensboro's early '90s pop-genius group Raymond Brake.

Friday, March 13: American Aquarium, Lincoln Theatre

Saturday, March 14: The Proclivities with The Moderate, Pour House

Saturday, March 14: Automag, The Brewery

Friday, March 27: A Rooster for the Masses, Pour House

Friday, March 20: Embarrassing Fruits with Sorry About Dresden and Blag'ard Local 506

Friday, March 27: Colossus with Black Skies, volume 11

Friday, April 10: Bombadil, Lincoln Theatre

Monday, April 20: 420 Fest with H.O.W. and Black Skies Volume 11

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