Sunday, May 23, 2010

"You're the music; we're just the band"

The title of this post is a direct quote from Pentagram's Bobby Liebling, who just might be the most grateful frontman in rock 'n' roll. Seriously, I lost count of the "God Bless You's" he delivered to the audience during the band's show Friday night at Volume 11. Never have I seen anyone so happy to be on stage, and so full of love for his bandmates (including original guitarist Victor Griffin) and for the people there to see him.

Despite a few amp problems, the band put on a solid show with many of the classics, including "Relentless", "Sign of the Wolf" and "All Your Sins."  Bobby mugged it up the whole time, dancing, leering and collapsing dramatically on the stage. During a break, he took the opportunity to tell us about the new baby boy he and his new wife are expecting, which obviously contributed to his joyous mood.

The audience was just as appreciative as Bobby, as you can see by this video of "All your Sins." The bald dude standing beside me was INTO IT! So much so that no matter where I moved the camera, that bald head sneaked into just about every shot.

Pentagram - "All Your Sins" from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Opening for Pentagram was Black Tusk, who are part of the whole Kylessa/Baroness Savannah scene. I liked them a lot, and bought the album (on pink vinyl!), though I will note that the digital download included in the album didn't work for me. The lights were down low for their set, so this video isn't much to look at.

Black Tusk from Mann's World on Vimeo.


sandy said...

Doing some blog walking this am and found my self here. Used to hike alot, but the arthritis in the knees limits it now. Sigh

Noticed we have a connection in liking wine!

Happy Sunday

Anonymous said...

definitely a killer show. seems there were quite a bit of amp issues that night as i remember black tusk's guitar amp was smoking the whole time as well. glad i was finally able to see the legend that is pentagram, especially with one of their old guitarists.