Sunday, August 01, 2010

The ultimate Raleigh rock reunion

The accolades have been coming fast and furious on Facebook this morning about last night's COC reunion at the Pour House. The band was killer, old friends were reunited, and despite a few sore necks and throbbing heads, everyone had an awesome time. As advertised, the band played songs from "Animosity" and "Technocracy" with a few new songs in between. The band has recorded a new 7-inch, "Your Tomorrow (Parts 1 and 2)" which will be out soon on Southern Lord.

Reed and Mike's side project Righteous Fool opened up. I hope they don't end up on the back burner now that COC has reunited.

Corrosion of Conformity -- "Animosity" and "Loss for Words" from Mann's World on Vimeo.
With a cameo by the hardest-working sound man in America, Jac Cain.

COC -- new song from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Righteous Fool from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Also opening were Savannah's Black Tusk, who blew me away when I saw them open for Pentagram, and whose "Taste the Sin" album is one of my favorites of the year so far. They'll be back in town on Aug. 31 opening for Fu Manchu at Volume 11.

Black Tusk -- "Prophesy One by One" and "Fixed in the Ice" from Mann's World on Vimeo.

But other than COC I was probably most looking forward to openers U.S. Christmas. Imagine my displeasure when I arrived at the Pour House at 9:30 to find that they were just about finished with their set. WTF? I checked the venue's Web site beforehand, and saw that doors were at 8:30 and the show at 9:30. Apparently that meant music started at 9. I think a lot of people missed them which is really too bad because I liked what I heard. As far as the Pour House goes, I have to give thanks to Chris Malarky who, unsolicited, sold my extra ticket for me so I could rush inside and catch what I could of U.S. Christmas. They'll be back in Raleigh during Hopscotch.

U.S. Christmas from Mann's World on Vimeo.


E.W. said...

The no re-entry thing completely sucked. Rightous Fool was wretched, VH1/Puddle of Mudd crap and boring. COC "animosity" weren't half bad but could have been much much louder. The new song was too fucking long and ended up sounding like that recent horrible "Pepper" era COC. Someone needs to tell the sound man that he's not in the band..jeeze, standing on stage talking to the band WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING is dumb, and this seems to happen everytime I go to the PoorHouse. I just can't get my head around why the local hype machine is pushing US Christmas either....really..really?
I wouldn't mind seeing COC"animosity" again after their upcoming tour as long as Rightous Fool doesn't open.

Karen A. Mann said...

E.W. you know Jac can't stay off stage! And I totally disagree with you on Righteous Fool and U.S. Christmas, the latter of which I especially love. What did you think of Black Tusk? They seem more like a band you'd like.

E.W. said...

Black Tusk, who I've seen a couple times,are pretty nondescript and not my cup of tea either. US Christmas weren't bad or anything. But eh, what do I know?