Thursday, March 08, 2012

Photos of COC and Valient Thorr from March 3

Here are a few belated photos of COC from last Saturday's show at Lincoln Theatre. The songs from the band's new self-titled album sounded great live. I have come to the conclusion that Woody's mom, Karen Weatherman, really needs her own profile in Decibel's "Metal Muthas" feature because of her untiring devotion to the band.

 I do have to say, Valient Thorr came mighty close to stealing the show. I hadn't seen them in a while and couldn't believe how tight they were. Constant touring is seriously paying off for those guys. Torche seemed to be having an off night. For whatever reason, they just didn't seem to connect with the audience.  Unfortunately A Storm of Light was ending their set as I got to the show, so I didn't hear much from them.  See more photos.

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