Monday, April 02, 2012

Cool shows this week Kraken Fest, Pontiak and more!

Continuing a fine tradition of really cool shows happening while I'm out of town, this week's show of the week is KrakenFest, a really cool trans-North Carolina show happening this Saturday, April 7, at the Kraken Bar in Chapel Hill. Colossus drummer Milton Doza Hawes put this show together, and supplied the following description:

We're having an outdoor metal cookout in chapel hill Apr 7 at the Kraken Bar. Tickets include 6 bands plus all you can eat bbq. It's a special show because I wanted to represent a cross section of metal sounds from bands spread all across the state from the mountains to the coast.

I want people to see that our entire state is a vibrant place for music and that metal is thriving and evolving.
 The lineup, from West to East:
US Xmas: from the NC mountains near Asheville, representing folk/metal/blues/psychedelic
Mountain of Judgement: from the foothills near Hickory, representing doom/psychedelic/ambient Boolow: from the piedmont near Shelby, representing hardcore/metal
Ruscha: from Chapel Hill, representing instrumental downtuned technical awesomeness
Colossus: from the Triangle, representing classic metal
White Tiger and the Bed of Roses: from the coast, representing punk/hardcore/rock
Then dance your ass off at the 80's Afterparty with DJ Fader

OK, this show features metal, an '80s dance party and some 'cue. Is there any question that this would be the show of the week? Go and tell me how it is. I'll be at the coast waiting hand and foot on my mom while she recovers from cataract surgery. There's also a pretty good chance I will be at sunrise services on Sunday, so I think it's safe to say you'll have a more rockin' weekend than me.

 Also this week, Pontiak will be at Kings with Left Outlet on Wednesday. I've liked this band for a while, but haven't had a chance to see them since their Reservoir show back in 2007. I'll definitely be at Wednesday's show.

 The band has just released the album "Echo Ono" on Thrill Jockey. Here's "Highest Echo" off of that release. And here's video of the band playing "Panoptica" / "Lions of Least" in Rome.


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Anonymous said...

Valkyrie and Hog at Underground in Chapel Hill tonight Thursday April 6.