Saturday, June 23, 2012

New music from Estrangers, Grohg and more!

I feel bad for not posting this yesterday because Estrangers, who are from Winston-Salem played last night at Local 506. Their fuzzy, summery, AM Gold EP, Sunmelt, is great hot-weather listening, and more than a little reminiscent of the Love Language's first album. Appropriately, they even have a song called "AM Summer Radio Bech Hit #3," which really does explain their whole aesthetic. I'd like to see them live, but unless they book another show soon, I'll have to wait until the Local Band Local Beer, Aug. 23 at Tir na Nog. For that show they'll be with The Lollipops, a newish Raleigh band I've been hearing great things about. If you're in Winston-Salem, Estrangers will be at Ziggy's tonight. 

On the heavier end of things, Grohg has released an EP, Culture of Petty Thieves, on bandcamp, and will have a release party at Kings on July 7. Parts of this I really like, and parts of it I'm indifferent to (not really into the sampled voices that show up throughout the EP). But I REALLY like the song "The Artist's Divine Inspiration," which has a bit of a Jesus Lizard feel. It's funny that I mentioned The Love Language already because I still keep hearing people say they will not listen to Grohg because "that guy from The Love Language" (a.k.a. Stu McLamb) is in the band. I have had some really smart open-minded people say this to me. First off, Stu is no longer in the band. Craig Hilton -- whose metal credentials cannot be disputed -- took his place. Secondly, even if Stu were still in the band, why in the world would that matter? Is it really inconceivable that someone can create pop music and metal? Do you really think that if you hate a band, you're going to hate another band simply because the two share members? I actually love the Love Language, so I don't get this at all, and I really don't get it because Stu is no longer in the band! If you're into heavy music, you should listen to Grohg. If you hate them, you hate them, but don't hate them because of someone who is not even in the band. 

The rootsy Radar's Clowns of Sedation also have their first album out now, and you can hear it on Bandcamp. Fans of Jennyanykind or Jule Brown would definitely like this. Make sure to check out "In the Longest Night."

Also, The Bowerbirds have a new video out for "Sweet Moment" from their recent release "The Clearing." See it here.

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